Ukulele Buying Guide
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What Ukulele Should I Buy? 3 Things You Should Know

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A Guide To Finding The Best Ukulele

Finding the right ukulele can seem d

1. Know The Different Sizes

One of the first things you should consider when picking out a ukulele is what size to get. The uke comes in four main sizes:

  • Soprano
  • Concert
  • Tenor
  • Baritone

SOPRANO  Soprano is the classic small body ukulele. It's closest in size to the original ukuleles made in Hawaii. The soprano has a very bright, crisp sounding tone. It has the smallest playing range of the four ukuleles, with 12-15 frets and an average length of 21 inches. The distance between frets is quite short, making chord positions easy to reach for players with small hands. Standard tuning for the soprano is G4 C4 E4 A4. The compact size makes the soprano a great travel companion since it takes up very little space.

CONCERT  The concert ukulele is a few inches longer than the soprano and has a slightly bigger body. Concert uke has an average length of 23 inches with 15-20 frets, giving it a broader playing range than the soprano. More space between the frets (compared to soprano) makes it easier to handle for players with larger hands. Standard tuning for the concert is G4 C4 E4 A4. It's possible to perform more technical skills on the concert uke thanks to its extended playing range while retaining the classic soprano-like sound. Concert uke is the ideal balance of small sized instrument and broad playing range. 

Tenor Ukulele

The tenor ukulele is bigger than both the soprano and concert uke, and has a slightly deeper tone. It has between 15-25 frets, making the playing range similar to the concert uke. However, the larger body size of the tenor produces a distinctly warmer tone than its smaller siblings. The frets of the tenor uke are spaced even further apart than the concert, which could make it more difficult for some people to play (or easier, if you have larger hands). Tenor uke has two standard tunings: G4 C4 E4 A4 (like its siblings), and low G: G3 C4 E4 A4. Low G tuning increases the range of the instrument and creates a more full bodied sound, whereas standard tuning is more similar to the characteristic ukulele sound.

Baritone Ukulele

Baritone is the largest ukulele, and is sometimes viewed as being more like a guitar. It fits about halfway between the size of the soprano uke and an acoustic guitar. It has the deepest tone and loudest project of the ukuleles. The baritone uke typically has 18 frets, and is tuned like the top four notes of a guitar: D3 G3 B3 E4. Because of this, baritone uke requires completely different music and chord charts from the other size ukuleles. Baritone uke is sometimes used by guitar players who are interested in learning uke, or conversely, for uke players interested in learning guitar.

EQ or no EQ?

Some of our ukuleles come with electronics built-in. These acoustic-electric ukuleles can be plugged into an amplifier, just like an acoustic-electric guitar. Having an amplified sound is useful for players who want to perform in front of large audiences, or for playing in areas with low acoustics (like the outdoors, for example) where acoustic sound is harder to hear. When an acoustic-electric ukulele is not plugged in, it plays exactly like a normal ukulele does. There are no drawbacks to buying a ukulele with electronics; they just give you additional options for performing.

Best Ukuleles for Young Players

Kids will love the colorful designs of these ukuleles, and the small soprano size makes them easier to play and hold.

Best Ukuleles for New Players

Perfect for new players of all ages. These ukuleles are constructed from mahogany and feature a high quality build at affordable prices. People with larger hands may find the concert size easier to handle. 

Best Intermediate Ukuleles

These ukuleles have the same great built quality as our entry-level ukes, but with upgraded materials for enhanced sound quality and playability. A great choice for new buyers or players looking for an upgrade to their current uke.