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Band Instrument Rentals

Choose Northland Music Center for your band rental!
We've been serving the musical community of Northern Wisconsin for over three decades. Our rental program is trusted and recommended by numerous local school districts. As a locally owned and operated business, our dedication to service and complete satisfaction is top priority.

Great Quality
NMC rents high quality, brand-name instruments that are recognized and endorsed by professional educators. These instruments are designed for years and years of use. New or used, we guarantee your instrument is clean, sterile, and in wonderful playing condition.

36 Months or Less
Every instrument we rent has a contract length of 36 months or less, depending on the total purchase price. Other programs may offer lower monthly payments at the expense of a much longer contract. We know how stressful life can get, so we aim to strike the right balance between affordable payments and a short contract term. Let us make it simple for you!

Low Monthly Payments
We offer excellent low starting prices and flexible upgrade plans to fit your student's need as they progress. Your monthly rental payments apply towards ownership of the instrument.
A debit or credit card is required to set up your contract. Your payment is automatically withdrawn on the 1st of each month.

Change Your Instrument
We offer a one-time upgrade or exchange on your contract. You can switch to a different type of instrument or upgrade to a more advanced model. The total rental principle credit from your original instrument will be applied to the new instrument.

Early Payoff Discount
We offer discounts for paying off your rental contract early. The total discount is based on the amount of time and balance left on your contract. Get the best discount when you pay off your contract in the first 12 months of renting.

Easy Returns
You may return your instrument at any time, as long as your account is current. Return your instrument before the 1st of the next month if you'd like to avoid being charged for another period. When you return your rental, all accrued rental principle is forfeited and your rental contract is closed out.

Maintenance Included
All instruments have a flat rate maintenance fee of $5 per month. This $5 is bundled in your total monthly payment, as seen in our rates chart. Maintenance covers regular adjustments and minor repairs that will occur from normal usage of your instrument. It also covers a yearly cleaning and tune-up during summer break. Maintenance does not cover damage from abuse or mishandling of your instrument.

Rent your instrument online

Skip the store and rent online. Our online rental portal is up and running! Click the blue button to get started. If you have any questions at any point, call us at (715) 420-0555.

Before you begin, find your required materials. Students are required to purchase a book and maintenance kit with their instrument. You may also need to purchase reeds or other materials. Find exactly what you need by clicking the red button.