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Easy, flexible instrument rentals from NMC

Offering band instruments to the greater Northwoods area. Trusted & recommended by local school districts.

High quality instruments ✓

Easy returns, exchanges & upgrades ✓

Maintenance included ✓

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High Quality New and Used Instruments

NMC offers high-quality, brand name instruments that are recommended by educators. New or used, your instrument is guaranteed to be in excellent playing condition and built to last. 

Rent-to-Own or Rent-to-Rent

Monthly payments apply towards ownership of the instrument, but you're not obligated to purchase. Rent as long as you need and return when done, or rent for the entire duration of your contract and the instrument is yours to keep.

Short Contract Term

Our program is designed to strike the balance between affordable monthly payments and a relatively short contract term. Most contracts average 36 months or less, though the exact length depends on the purchase price of the instrument.

Maintenance Included

All rentals include a flat rate $5/mo maintenance fee in the total monthly payment. Regular adjustments and minor repairs that occur during normal usage are covered, in addition to a yearly cleaning & tune-up during summer break. Maintenance does not cover damage from mishandling or abuse.

Flexible Upgrades & Exchanges

We offer a one-time upgrade or exchange on your contact. You may switch to a different instrument or upgrade to a more advanced model and we'll transfer the balance you've paid on the first instrument to the new one. 

Worry-Free Automatic Payments

Monthly payments are billed automatically on the first of the month. A debit or credit card on file is required. All major cards accepted (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). 

Easy Returns

You may return your rental instrument at any time. Any outstanding payments are due at the time of return. When you return your instrument, all accrued rental principle is forfeited and your contract is closed.

Rent Online

THREE STEPS TO RENT: Select your school, find your accessories, pick your instrument. Click the button to start.

Adults renting for personal use, follow this link.